Friday, February 23

the legitimacy wedge

Let's see if this sort of approach helps people see through the dominant media's bias. Perhaps this is the sharp point of the wedge that undermines Fox, and other dominant media channel's position, as the source of reliable news?

Imagine what will happen as more and more people realise that the dominant media is just that, dominant? Imagine the social change that will come as numbers of people recognise that mere dominance doesn't make it right (or fair and balanced)....

...People are discovering that the dominant media is simply the mouthpiece for the ruling class, rather than a voice of reason. They are turning away from this centralised message driven by its narrow vested interest, and are questioning its legitimacy.

People are beginning to read more widely, seeking out information from diverse sources and making their own judgements about what feels right and true. In greater and greater numbers we are moving towards intimate, neighbourhood conversations, to create open, healthy and intelligent debate.

Bring it on.

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