Wednesday, April 26

so much happening

It's hard to stay off the computer some days. There seems to be so much happening in the world.

Then again I was never afraid I would miss anything of importance in the days before the internet when I almost never read a newspaper, listened to the radio, or watched television for 15 years. As part of a religious-spiritual community there was always plenty to keep us occupied, and the important things always got through.

But there's a balance, and I am happy to have had the time over the last two years to delve deeply into the workings of the world, through the eyes of those who seem to speak my language, and see things from a larger, more human, caring, and self-transcending vantage point.

--- 0 ---

I did manage to plant some more seeds today. Red Cabbage, Broccoli, and even some White Strawberry. It gives me great pleasure to see the pots bursting with life. We will need to find some gardens to put them in soon.

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