Monday, April 17

what if

What if we suddenly decided, to put a value on such human qualities as good sense (as defined by logic that supports rather than destroys life), kindness, the ability to serve and help others, and other such uplifting values? And what if we decided to measure or reward these qualities by way of public recognition, guaranteeing the well-being (through providing of all the needs) of those people who exhibit these qualities?

And at the same time, what if we decided suddenly, to withdraw our faith in those bits of paper and metal, and numbers printed on a bank statement?

What if we sought to engage in those activities for which we are each best suited, (according to physical, mental and emotional strengths and training) and agreed to use our talents for the service of all life on this planet?

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I have been putting vegetable and herb seeds in pots over the last couple of weeks - a couple of dozen more each few days. It feels good to be doing something practical.

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