Tuesday, June 20

a new, healthy money system


The CES did start out as a new software package for a single trading group in Cape Town, South Africa. Its success soon attracted the attention of others and similar groups were set up all over South Africa. Later it got adopted in New Zealand and now it is operating in seven countries worldwide. Our vision is that CES should become a co-operative project and that it should do what its users want it to do.

Although I have prescribed above how LETS groups that have adopted CES should operate, there are no rules. CES can be used as a software package to run a single group in the traditional way, or we can develop it together to create a really effective, new money system.

This document is meant as an appeal to those attending this conference to adopt the grand vision of the founders of CES. That is, we are doing this because we believe the present global money system is at the root of most of the social, economic, political and environmental problems that confront us today. We can only begin to tackle these problems if we have a money system that places the ‘money power’ in the hands of the people who use it. We can build this new money system if we work together and share resources. That way we will ensure that we build something adaptable and scalable, that caters for all our needs and achieves the ultimate goal of creating a new, healthy money system.

Tim Jenkin, CES


Rajiv said...

You may also want to look at http://appropriate-economics.org/ It is a veritable treasure trove of information. For example http://www.complementarycurrency.org/materials.php

James Samuel said...

Beautiful! The link to the courses is worth it's weight in :) http://complementary.appropriate-economics.org/ccLearn/ Thank you.