Thursday, June 8

rabbit mountain

I was thrilled to see this initiative! It speaks volumes to me, of the potential of human societies to meet our needs in a mutually supportive and creatives ways, that minimise our impact on this fragile planet'’s resources.

The Rabbit Mountain Relocalization Map is an experiment designed to support relocalization efforts by mapping local, sustainable business and organizations in Europe and North America (other regions are still under development). It is used by adding markers for farmerÂ’s markets, CSAs, organic farms, community banks, and other sustainable local businesses in your area, no matter where you live.

If you want to see a couple of examples from Waiheke Island (NZ), go to the locations tab, choose the "“collapse all" option, then drill down under New Zealand. Once you click on the organisation you want it will centre itself on the map. Once there you can move the slider to zoom in and change from Satelite to Map to let you view the streets. Simply click and drag on the map itself to move it around for a better view.

I originally stumbled across this concept on Paula'’s Blog.

By all accounts it was not a huge job to put this together. Paula has done most of the work herself, and there was minimal cost involved. It'’s a great use of technology. It could be helpful in finding our needs closer to home - something we'’ll be doing more of in the coming years.


Helen Dew (Living Economies NZ), sent me this news today.

The info stall at the Green Party AGM was very successful. I sold quite a few books and gave out lots of info. I was delighted to hear Russell Norman say in his speech that the party needs to promote green economics!

This was also echoed by the leader of the Young Greens. The level of interest in our books and message was significantly higher this year than it had been at 2004 AGM, when very few attended our power-point presentation or showed interest in our wares. This year lots of people stopped to talk and I returned home with 2 1/2 pages of contacts to follow up.

More evidence of The Great Turning!


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