Tuesday, July 11

peak oil links

I have posted a few articles on this subject, but felt it was time to bring the information all together in one place. Today I watched an excellent piece of investigative journalism which screened on Australia's ABC Television yesterday. I hope our own New Zealand TV get inspired to share this information with the people soon!

This post will be a work in progress. I will keep updating it with short clips and new links in the coming days, so come back again. Meanwhile if you can, watch this - it is worth the time. And I would like to read your comments.

ABC Four Corners Documentary "Peak Oil?" video
ABC Four Corners Documentary "Peak Oil?" transcript

Supplies of oil and groundwater are in decline, and neither resource can be swiftly substituted. Oil is the universal elixir, used for petrol, pesticides, fertilizers, factory farmed food, transportation, refrigeration, heating, lighting, medicines, cement, much of the stuff in shops, in the office, in the factory, in the sky, in the home, in the hospitals, in computers, in our every day life. Peak oil heralds the end of the party, like when the grog runs out. Only worse. No ride home, except on a bike; no morning Jacuzzi, unless you've got plentiful water tanks and solar panels; no breakfast without an edible garden or a local food co-op. Perhaps malls will morph into farmers' markets. Fast companies will slow down. Tomorrow's hot jobs will be those now considered uncool, as in organic agriculturalists, water diviners, orchardists, recyclers, compost lavatorians, geologists, gas siphoners, builders of bamboo bikes, renewable energy boffins... Numerous voices are urging people to powerdown, to adapt to a post carbon future. Read more...

Here are a few good links in case you want to explore further:

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