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politicians and peak oil


You really are a creative, energetic and passionate man and I am delighted to know you a little.

Thank you for keeping me in the communications loop, this is really appreciated. I delighted in reading about your number eight wire, creative money saving solutions. You have been and continue to be highly effective in the business of disseminating information.

I understand your frustration at the slowness of response. I am quite clear in my own mind that the solutions will come in both directions. Just as people are building up local solutions and responses, so too are people like you hitting on the politicians and demanding approprate responses to this situation we find ourselves in. Our leaders are presently failing in their task, to focus on the issues and lead this fine country into a better future.

I look forward to the day when the people with a brighter vision for the potential of this country are assuming the mantel of leadership. NZ has the potential to become a shining example of a way forward from the madness of continued economic growth and the corporate driven consumption trap, into a creative, cooperative society of people who understand the deeper values of love, compassion, sharing, and a deep respect for all life.

Be sure to have someone photograph the delivering of these packages, I would suggest at least a photo of you at the beehive post box - or however you are delivering them - with close ups of the list of parliamentarians they are being given to, and a closeup of an open package. It will make a great news story - I will certainly post the pics here, with references and links to which you have been so doggedly maintaining for how many years now?

On 7/3/06, Robert wrote:

Morning James

This is what I went with in the end, I printed it 3 up with the quotes on the back, then stapeled them to a deposit slip for my bank account, so it is costing me about $50 for DVDs and about 180 sheets of paper + a roll of sellotape . I already had 70 copies of Peters lecture I just scrached the back of it so it only plays for 40 -50 min, that way I am sort of not throwing them out, well I am chucking them in the bin, just via Box 18 888 )


To all concerned MP’s.

We need at least $30,000, to get 5 DVDs, a 20 page booklet, and a CD with PDF type displays and literature as teacher’s aides, into 800 – 1,000 secondary schools and public libraries.

The DVDs are:
I am including The Power of Community and 45 minutes of Dr Peter Lloyd’s 85 minute lecture with this request, please take the time to watch these DVDs and then consider what is the best thing you can do for our community?

Since the government has over $40 million to spend on Buy NZ made, Environmental issues (PCE), and Energy issues, we trust you will recognise the fantastic return on investment this offer represents. A mere $30,000 for the wide dissemination of a considerable volume of valuable information.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Oilcrash Group

Robert Atack

"......But the real issue last week was about bio-diesel and the world running out of fossil fuels. That was the point of the photo op*, and I went there to make that point, it's the world walking the plank frankly, not Don Brash...."

Don Brash, leader of the National Party
7:20am on 15/5/06, Morning Report, National Radio, Radio NZ
* Referring to his method of transferring off the Earthrace boat

PM - " I'm sure it [the rise in oil prices] is causing concern in every country. Because everyone is on the receiving end of the same phenomenon. Which is oil prices very high, because we're probably not too far short of peak production, if we're not already there. And that concentrates the mind..." [snip]

Helen Clark, New Zealand Prime Minister 18/04/2006
Questioned about govt response to oil price rises.

You’re quite right. Shell Oil International is working on the assumption that between 2005 and 2010 world oil demand will outstrip the capacity of the wells to supply.

Then the price will really go up. So get your bike out!

Jeanette Fitzsimmons, while leader of the Green Party
Email: Thursday, March 23,2000 2:29AM

OIL @ $120 NZ a barrel
"The price is so high now it has to come down"

Alan Bollard Governor Reserve Bank
Monetary Policy Statement June 2006


Information is a human right

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