Wednesday, October 4

mutual support

Hi Helen,

I was up at 6:00 this morning to meditate, and was drawn to spend an hour transplanting seedlings from a tray into pots of six seedlings in each.

I now have 60 healthy Loose Leaf Mixed Lettuce seedlings, and to my amazement I have only taken from one fifth of the tray! Just one of those packets you sent me held 300 viable seeds. What abundance!

It was delightful contemplating what a lovely gesture of mutual support that gift of seeds from you was.

Economics is everything people do for each other. Whether actions are taken for love, barter or money, they contribute to mutual provision. I use the phrase "mutual provision" synonymously with "economics" to make it clear that the whole process is, in essence, about people taking care of each other. This reassuring perspective is often lost in the shadow of the competitive economic model now in command. To the extent that the present model no longer serves the common good, it will change as conventional wisdom recognizes the deviation. - Mike Nickerson

I have been focusing on the money systems and looking for these wonderful human gestures which will ultimately transcend and transform the money system as we know it.

Thank you,


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