Saturday, January 20

2,000 tomatoes

Did I tell you that this year is my year for focusing on food? Specifically local food production in all its wonderful and diverse forms.

I see us using the great breadth and depth of wisdom and knowledge we have, so we can begin to enjoy an abundance of healthy and vibrant, locally grown food fit to nourish our souls. I see a generosity of spirit as one after another land owner or land care-taker, offers access to the earth for the purposes of growing food. I see us building the soil - a sure sign of a civilisation that believes there is a future and respects the life giving earth which will nourish future generations. I see a community of healthy happy people with full stomachs, and not one person left out. I see men, women and children coming together to engage each other in conversation about real things and I see us feeling good about ourselves, as we contribute to the good of the whole.

After watching the wonderful film about Peter Proctor's work in India, I thought a little research was in order. I entered "Biodynamics" in google video and the one which caught my eye was a one
minute piece that shows a tomato plant, the like of which I have never seen. I was curious what he put in that hole, so I went to [] the link given in the description and found this 10 minute presentation that describes some of the key components of a recipe that has given others the same result.


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