Tuesday, January 9

meet Betsy

She is a sweety, a soft blue, round and solid. Born in 1956 with lots of life in her yet, she has outlasted many new cars that have cycled in a few short years between the production line and the scrap heap.

As my friend Tom said after we had towed her home, she is an iconic piece of New Zealand history, and deserves to be honoured. When I first arrived in New Zealand in 1968, there were an abundance of Morris Minors on the road - imported in parts and assembled here in readiness for many adventures in a young country with a wonderful future.

The way these cars were built makes them easy to work on, and even I can learn and understand the basics of how the internal combustion engine works in this case. She was running, registered with a Warrant of Fitness, up until just over a year ago, so while she has no spark at the moment it shouldn't take too long before she bursts into life again, to begin her next adventure as our second family car.

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