Thursday, March 8

careful what you wish for

For two years we had been blessed with an amazing clifftop home on the sunny side of an equally amazing island. We have been enjoying sunrises and sunsets all year round.

While there, we were gifted with the arrival of our baby Zuva - born in a yurt we erected on the edge of the cliff as a birthing room.

It would be reasonable to ask, why would we move? Well, we had both sensed that it was time. It was partly motivated by the fact that this was a rental house, and since neither of us have a steady income stream our savings, from a house sale and a business sale, have been dwindling.

One day Kim wrote down a wish, that we find a way to live, rent-free in an ethical way. Three days later I was at a meeting of islanders who came together to discuss the possibility of establishing local power generation that could reduce the island resident's dependence on electricity that presently reaches us via a cable from the mainland. In the discussion a friend mentioned he knew of someone who was looking for somebody to housesit for them, in their very nice home in Church Bay.

I expressed keen interest and we soon had ourselves a new home. We knew it was on the market, but didn't really expect it to sell in the first week - oh well, next time we will be more specific and wish for a longer term situation :)

We are now looking again, as the settlement date is fast approaching. I wonder what the universe will offer next?

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