Monday, April 9

capitalism and other kids stuff

I just watched this one tonight. Happily I found it has already been posted on Google video, so I didn't have to.

From the Indy site where you can buy the film: It explains how the world's economic system operates in terms of a crazy and very unfair game that children are playing, and so it captures the imagination of its viewers.

A fantastic video to help understand the politics and economics of our global society, with an aim to establishing an alternative society based on meeting needs, on cooperation rather than competition, and on democratic forms of decision-making intead of top-down hierarchies.

This is a video on the forefront of those who wish to save this planet from worsening global warming, incessant wars, and either widespread physical poverty or profound feelings of spiritual poverty despite our rapacious consumerism. Its alternative is a very realizable future ready for the taking, not a hodge-podge dream.

Perfect for showing to groups of people, including high school or college students, the politically minded, and pretty much anybody who wants some answers, as a very unique economics lesson that won't be quickly forgotten!

From the Google video page: It was made by four socialists on
one freezing Saturday afternoon in a church hall at Hebburn in the north east of England. On a budget of £80 which was spent on travel expenses the cost of hiring the hall and some cold cheese pasties the film may be rough and ready but it's hoped that it says something real to you. The ideas it proposes are one's you're unlikely to see on any TV show, art house play or even the news networks.

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