Thursday, May 3

building 7 on Italian TV

Darn it - this one just wont go away. The official story is being shot full of holes. The world must wake up soon, or dive deeper into denial - what a hard choice. The trouble with waking up is that it comes with responsibility for doing something about what we learn.

Ignorance or denial are easier - carry on, no need to change or confront things we don't want to believe.

Sorry to have to do this to you, but I can't let you sleep...

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Catherine Palmer said...

This has been bugging me too for some time now, I have no idea why we are letting these evil people get away with killing so many innocent people and then killing thousands more in the name of a LIE....George Bush, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown...need to face trials for these crimes to Humanity...Oh by the way my list is in no way exhaustive...
Love, light and peace to you