Thursday, August 23

can we avoid iran being next?

As I sit here, far away from the madness of the US matrix, I feel I have a perspective advantage that would be difficult when being as close to the struggle as the makers of this clip are.

I watched this clip - and appreciate them putting it together.

However, will the plea to the other networks amount to much, if "another 9/11" false flag operation is played out on the people of America? An attack on the people (whether by outsiders, or factions within the country) has always been sufficient to drive the country to war. There is an election coming up - and further panic amongst the people would be a great opportunity to roll out more manifestations of the police state, that is already well developed.

If you haven't seen it, please do yourself the favour of watching Zeitgeist (in particular part three).

Good night and good luck!


Anonymous said...

Every war since WWI has been promulgated by global bankers who instituted planned monetary systems for every nation. War feeds the banks, the banks feed war.
A good movie that explains the major players is:

Edwin said...
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