Thursday, August 23

Changing orientation

I have moved my focus to bring forward more solutions information. If you have read enough of the extensive content of this blog, to sense that there is trouble afoot, you may appreciate some of the things I have found and posted at my main site: 


Anonymous said...

Hey James,
Looking over your site, I see a Kiwi version of me about a year ago. I've lived in a yurt, a tipi, worked a community food co-op, etc. All good stuff, no doubt.
However, being a bit of a conspiracy theorist (does this imply something kooky, as in that kooky quantum theory, or the theory of relativity?) I have seen some stuff.

What stuff? Currently, I have seen otherwise well intentioned and reasonably informed folks subtly co-opted and manipulated by propaganda. I see it in subtly imbedded in much of the offerings of your website.

I am certain this is inadvertant on your part. There seems to be an industry of greenies and there are certain information streams that are being offered to it. By whom? this is a question we can only answer individually.

Only we can't answer it. This question, if asked properly, will only give beg new questions, say Why? How?

Please be careful. The world is at stake.

Information is a human right. And rights extend only as far as our ability to defend them.


James Samuel said...

As I lay in bed this morning while still in the half dream state, and before getting up and finding that a kindred spirit had posted some comments on my old blog, I was attempting to formulate a question.

Since I was very young I have understood that Questions are powerful things.

What was forming, but may not be there yet, went something like this...

To what degree is there a link between the current issues of peak oil, climate change, economic collapse and the end-of-the-world scenarios of previous ages?

Edwin said...
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