Friday, September 8

private armys

Robert Greenwald was the director of one of the first eye opening films I had the good fortune to discover about two years ago - that film was Outfoxed. He has been going hard with a dedicated team and has put out many more films exposing the corruption and madness that is particularly evident in the western cultures of our modern day world.

The latest film "Iraq for Sale" has just been released and is causing a stir. Here is a clip which describes in detail the private army of Blackwater.

If you dare to consider where this could be going, have a look at this news item

People have been pointing out for a few years, the direction that the loss of liberties could be taking us. Is it possible such armys as this could be used domestically? Just a question.

No wonder people in the US are starting to speak out with a strong voice. Check out this clip of a speech from Keith Olberman, on One Good Move

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directinfo said...

Well, let's add up the threats here:

1 - Private security firm for hire involved in war-time profits. Let's be clear... their marketing campaign is to look for wealthy government money and consider where on earth is the war. They make war money. Might they not also invest in war?

2- We know that black ops (not legal, not documented, deniable operations) are carried out by the private sector of the military or the misnamed "intelligence" sector. We have read about it many times during the Iraq war. The most voluminous examples are when the poor taxi driver or vegetable salesman is pulled over, told to go through a security check, he is separated from his car for 30-40 minutes and then told that everything is OK, go ahead. When he returns, he drives a while. A small percent of these guys feel strange about the whole ordeal and they check their cars. A very small percent from these, but still... I am talking about hundreds of people in total... they see that a bomb is in their car and some manage to throw it out of their car or vegetable cart in time to get away with their lives. I have read many accounts of the small percentage of poor Iraqis who narrowly escape with their lives after "black ops" have planted bombs in their vehicles. This is not just a crime against humanity, this is a crime against all possible rules of the imagination. Hence, the word: "black ops". Is that where they get the name "Black Water"?

Clearly, the average Joe and Sally reading this are not targets of Black Water yet. And we might have a few more years of remote control TV beer drinking left before the grid comes down and moves to elite circles. But what about life in the real petrocollapse coming soon? Won't Blackwater and others like them be clearing our streets of terror? Won't they want to inspect our houses? won't they make more money if our cities are "terror zones". And if our housese start blowing up, won't it be good for them? And when there is no energy to spare to keep a grid working, won't it serve our government to have a total riot-zone curfew lock-down and then processing center deportation and then prison camp slave labor? Don't we see the mechanism for this getting set up right now with Haliburton detention center monies given out at the hundreds of millions of dollars and the moving of many civilian prisons into military camps in the US? Yes, militarized civilian prison camps where they make goods for sale on the open market. Yes, just order on line.

So, count the ways that companies like Blackwater will benefit in the Petrocollapse. And count the ways that the poor Iraqis are on the front line. We are not immune to what they receive right now.

All people of the world may be easily considered tomorrow's target in the petrocollapse world. Even elite servants, even elite families that fall from favor and are used up politically like the Bush family might be soon. This is simply the wrong mentality to be involved with.

This mentality of "black ops" needs to be confronted and brought to court and exposed and eliminated through the legal process. Otherwise, Blackwater will patrol our streets and I think regular folks can pretty well handle that job ourselves if need be, without them.