Friday, September 1

remember Katrina?

Here's a new clip from youtube which gives the other story of the disaster that you didnt see on TV.

Prediction: Lebanon will be rebuilt before New Orleans is.

Instead of providing help to the tens of thousands of poor people who were stranded in the city after the federal levees collapsed, the government spread propaganda:

"There's rioting... there's looting... the city is too dangerous to bring supplies to..."

The truth: At the Convention Center, 19,000 people were searched for weapons. A total of thirteen were found. At the Super Dome, 39,000 were searched for weapons. Fifty were found.

No video because I couldn't find any that does this story justice. But there is an audio program

Amazing story: No one can find the federally funded evacuation plan. It was paid for, but apparently never produced. People who had real expertise were ignored. The company that was hired to prepare the plan: major contributors to the Republican Party.

Thanks to Brasscheck TV for this information.

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