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finance & petro collapse

I have copied the following in its entirety from Peak Oil News and Message Board - James

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This post is about the coming social quake about to transform the entire world like nothing ever before.

I have often said that Peak Oil will go down as the biggest event in human history since Noah's Flood. And I have said that it is a paradox that hardly anybody noticed either one before it was too late. And I said that the big shift downwards will happen on the pin prick of public opinion because the fundamentals and the trends are already beyond the pale.

People have asked me when will that pin prick take place.

My answer, before today, was less clear. But today I say - "Very soon now, my evidence is in the newsletters of Stock Brokers!"

Thesis -

Stock Brokers get their money by watching trends. They capitalize on trends for a profit. The most profitable trends to watch are the big ones that are relatively not known.

So when popular investment newsletters from mainstream brokers like Martin Weiss started talking about Peak Oil last year, I understood that we are one step closer to awakening of Peak Oil in society. When they finish artificially depressing energy prices pre-mid-term elections, then we will see a continuation of that awakening as stock brokers give more advice, spreading their successful investment ideas and winning big in energy and commodity futures (all commodities are made with oil and gas energy). So this awareness will spread more quickly with the stock broker class involved and that's good news.

More good news - Stock brokers are talking about the obvious false flag 911 black op given to us by our terrorist government. Well, OK they aren't using that terminology yet but the newsletter I saw brought relevant issues into a sensible questioning process. Click here for the newsletter, scroll second story down...

And as most of you know by now, when you start questioning 911 authentically, you will start finding out who are the real terrorists. So this trend has been initiated and stock brokers can make a lot of money shorting the US currency and energy-intensive markets as this whole economic curtain of OZ... this wizardry of derivatives and baseless paper fascade goes bust at the seams.

What to watch next: As popular opinion begins to accept the possibility of Peak Oil and 911 false flag, then attention will go to economic fundamentals. But there are none. Zero. It is a cardboard box being propped up by paper and customer confidence and the plunge protection team and fractional reserve banking. All of these frauds are doomed to fail and fail they will on the pin prick of popular opinion. And I think the stock brokers will push popular opinion over the edge.

More good news for lovers of the truth... another VIDEO, yeah!

Alex Jones on INN discussing the new populist movement that has the elites running scared because their traditional divisions of left-right are being shattered by the truth movement. Good stuff.

"The Man" is shocked!

And now this... from the unstoppable Michael Chussudovsky of the respected "Global Research" in Canada.

Hide your children, lock up your gold bars, load your guns, run for the hills... the corporations and government are planning a prison economy in North America.

Don't believe me, just think about it.

Surely, our leaders won't just roll over and let a predictable situation cause them to lose their grip on power.

Don't read this if you want to think that Peak Oil crash is just about using less electricity and driving less miles.

My prediction is out there for everyone to see regarding commodities and society especially. Petrocollapse will include a massive effort towards consolidation power even as energy deficits categorically include a wipeout of what we call the middle class in the US, leading logically from our current surveilence state to the next stage: Police State and then finally to and a new slavery economy in the US, possibly spreading throughout much of the world.

Lesson: We didn't become civilized because of our enlightened state of mind. We just found out that taxing the use of energy-slaves was more profitable than having people-slaves. That trend will reverse. And I dearly hope I am wrong about this. But I regret to say that the trends are obvious, ominous and obnoxiously onwardly progressing.

Modern slavery in North America. A prison economy. Michael Chussudovsky helps lift the curtain on that rising beast.

This is not good news. But it is a fact that North America is trending towards a fascist plutocracy. Gauging the trends is step one. Implementing strategy is the goal. Developing a sound strategy is what you might want to do very soon.

Best wishes and God Bless - Tate


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