Saturday, September 23

why we will succeed

Why We Will Succeed at creating sustainable ways to live.

Creatures with far less capability than humans have lived on Earth for tens of millions of years. We should expect no less.

This link looks at qualities that should enable our kind to live on Earth until the sun burns out. It also identifies why our prospects sometimes look bleak.

Why Humans Should Survive:

  • Thumbs: our ability to hold, carry and otherwise manipulate objects enables a vast array of actions.
  • Observation: our senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste are well developed. When aided by telescopes, microscopes, geiger-counters, spectrometers, thermometers and other technical extensions, our ability to notice what is going on around us is extraordinary.
  • Pattern Recognition: we have a highly developed ability to recognize patterns in the observations we make. This leads to understanding and makes it possible to predict many consequences of events and actions.
  • Memory: we have a well developed ability to remember past observations which we can compare with present information for problem solving.
  • Communication: not only can individuals share observations and understanding directly with each other; through print and other recording media, information can be passed to large numbers of people. Recorded information has the added advantage of being able to pass knowledge forward through time.
  • Creativity: we can take the extraordinary amount of information available to us and use it to plan actions and to make things.

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