Friday, February 10

escaping the matrix

Escaping the Matrix: How We the People can change the world
by Richard Moore

Richard Moore seems like an interesting fellow, and very well read! I may be biased just because I recognise a number of titles in the book's bibliography, but from the first few pages in this gem of a book I can see the research has been worth it. And I suggest the many years of dialogue via his cyberjournal have paid off in the clarity of the writing.

He wastes no time throwing the reader into numberless descriptions of the dichotomy between the benign versions of historic and present events that we are used to hearing (the Matrix), and the descriptions of those events and how they have impacted on the various populations, primarily in the third world (the real world).

The details come thick and fast but the message comes through loud and clear, things are changing and since the direction they are going is presently in the hands of a few ruling elite, we probably will not like the direction they are taking.

When I read the following news in today's email, in the context of having completed Chapter one, I felt sobered to realise that the strategys for responding to a Bird Flu epidemic (accidental or allowed), may include considerable military involvement.

09 Feb 2006 Lt Col Kimberly Robinson, Department of Defense; Taha A. Kass-Hout, MD, MS, Northrop Grumman CDC Programs; and Lauren C. Thompson, The MTIRE Corporation are joining the Bird Flu Summit taking place on 27th-28th February in Washington D.C. However The Bird Flu Summit agenda has not yet listed the above participants on their website. Citizens For Legitimate Government has obtained this information.

Why is the Department of Defense, Northrop Gumman ('Battle Management' specialists), and The MITRE Corporation ('Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C3I)s' for the Department of Defense) attending a *Bird Flu Summit?*

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