Saturday, February 11

life in the usa

The political system has not been corrupted. It is working effectively, like always. The backbone is the patronage system. Politicians have wonderful memories. They know who they owe. Prostitution is a profession, allegorically the oldest one. Politics is a business. At one time it was popular to think that if someone rich enough were to get elected, he (at that time it would surely be a he) would be immune, but who can owe as much as the rich?
One of this mornings gems from the Information Clearing House. It goes on to explain that there were no intelligence failings concerning Iraq, the invasion was not a mistake...

Thank you Richard Moore for your book and the clarity it has brought - even though I am only at Chapter Three. The above quote reminds me of the one-liner that had me chuckling all the way home on the ferry last night. Referring to the events of the period around 6,400 years ago and the barbarian invasion of the peaceful partnership society of the fertile crescent, who had been farming and gardening for over 3,000 years:
We can imagine the thoughts in the mind of our victorious warrior chief: "A pretty good swindle, this domestication thing, let's see if it works on people!"

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