Monday, February 6

what do I want to create?

We are living in the world we created
through yesterday’s actions.

If this is true,
and I am creating my future world every day,
through every relationship,
every action,
every thought,
every emotion,
and every image I hold in my mind’s eye,
it begs the question.

What kind of world do I want to create?

I imagine a world of diversity of life in its myriad of expressions, where people care for the plants and animals, the insects, and the life-giving soil, and for all fellow humans. The people in my world acknowledge that we live interdependently with all of life, and they appreciate that we are part of a web of life, where our survival is linked even to the survival of the weed in Patagonia that absorbs carbon dioxide (which can poison us), and produces oxygen (which we need to live). In my world people know that plants provide air, food, and medicine.

In my world people tread lightly on the earth, in the awareness that their every action is part of the great creation mystery, and contributes to how the world is today.

And we look to our own actions to find the mechanisms of effecting positive change.

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