Saturday, February 25

what are our leaders saying?

I'm curious.

Are Helen Clark and others who speak on our behalf in the international community, speaking out on this - and being reported?

Clearly, Guantanamo's Camp X-Ray is an abomination - how many more years need to pass before we acknowledge this and do what is necessary to let the perpetrators know that it is not acceptable behavior?

Or are we afraid of backlash from the bully in the playground?

Archbishop of York on Guantanamo Bay - 24 Feb
By "declaring war on terror" President Bush is perversely applying the rules of engagement which apply in a war situation. But the prisoners are not being regularly visited by the Red Cross or Red Crescent, which is required by the Geneva Convention. They were not even allowed to be interviewed by the United Nations Human Rights Group.

In Uganda President Amin did something similar: he did not imprison suspects because he knew that in prison the law would apply to them, so he created special places to keep them. If the Guantanamo Bay detainees were on American soil, the law would apply. This is a breach of international law and a blight on the conscience of America." Full story

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