Wednesday, February 8

top down or bottom up

I hear the "Call to action" so often these days it makes me wonder. . .

Maybe we need to act less, rather than more.

I mean, we are so busy acting, re-acting and overacting.

What if we sat still and did nothing?
How much damage can you do when you only breathe?

Then slowly, and only when it becomes obvious what is needed, we act consciously and simply to provide the things that we need for our health and well being.

I believe it is time to change things from the bottom up.

The top down management style has run its course and doesnt appear to have a bright future.

I think we are past the time of charismatic "great leaders."

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

1 comment:

James Samuel said...

"The less I do, the better I do it"