Sunday, February 26

fever, sore throat, cough

This is probably the last post before we head off - so I wanted to give you something meaty to chew on.

I have been watching the news reports about Bird Flu carefully, since the first reports began coming through in August last year. Call me suspicious, but I choose not to accept the dominant media's versions of the issues.

I have read many of their stories but I wont automatically accept them as truth. I looked carefully at the information they offered, rather than allow myself to be drawn into the fearful projections that have appeared every day for months now.

In my humble opinion, the media has lost its credibility on this subject. There is simply too much hype and too many questionable reports coming through for me to take them seriously. But the fact that the story persists makes me question more deeply, why?

So I chose to read widely on this subject from other sources. And there have been many writers offering explanations for what might be behind the hype.

Today I came across an extensive and wide reaching article that is worthy of a read. It is too long to include here so here is the link to it.

In case you need some assurances about the source of this report there is some background on the author, Dr. Lorraine Day, at the end of the article. I can imagine it took some courage for her to write this.

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rkm said...

Here's another important perspective on Bird Flu: The real culprit turns out to be factory farming, not small operations. And here's a very powerful short animation about factory farming: