Friday, February 17

fourth world war

How many more countries will follow?

We have been psychologically prepared by the media over the last 12 months, to the possibility of the US going into Iran. So we are almost passive now in our response to the looming reality of it.

I know it is easy to ignore, after all it's "over there", but when the US leaders choose to lead their people into Syria and then North Korea, or to our country, will we have the same response?

Will that be the time when we say "Enough!"


Dear leaders of the USA,

Thank you for expressing your concerns and your offers to help out.

However at this time we politely decline your offers of assistance and wish you well in your endeavors, as you take care of business within your own borders.

We no longer wish to receive goods and services from you and trust that if you reduce - even a little - the level of consumption at home, you will discover you have plenty of resources to share fairly amongst your population, and will not need any more from us.


The Global Community

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