Friday, May 26

an inconvenient truth

There's a new film out - a major motion picture by all accounts on a subject that dares to address global warming. It states very clearly that Global Warming is man made and that we can have some impact on it. Al Gore is putting his weight behind this issue, with a sense of humour thrown in for good measure. Happy to see he didn't just roll over after the debacle called a democratic election.


estranged said...

I like your opinion about a way of finishing my sentance about Hobbes. It was a good explanation about things before domination of society came. Sorry im still new to political thought. thanks anyway.

This video is cool. I like Al-Gore. He is right.

You have a very attractive and informative blog. Salute! :)

Jeff Wefferson said...

Doctor...good effort! Does this film go into the increazed solar activity we are witnessing...which is a far greater driver of global warming than our fossil fuel gluttony! And does it go into how to build an ark...I have been data mining the internet for blueprints...the boat in that film 'waterworld' was pretty cool, eh? You'd need a better greenhouse, though. I hope Anon gets his grant so he can do a doco on the debilitating effects of watching rubgy on television!!!cheers bro vladischlock

Jeff Wefferson said...

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