Tuesday, May 16

bottom up

I have been proposing for some time that the solutions are going to have to come from the bottom and filter up - demanding governments change things for us is an assumption of weakness and gives our power away. Kim and I witnessed this in Africa, and the signs are that the "leaders" of our great nations are for the most part, in an unseemly hurry to aquire as much wealth and power as they can to secure their own sorry backsides against the future challenges.

This morning while browsing some of the blogs I visit regularly, I came across this.

Global Public Sees Global Warming Threat

A new poll of adults in 30 countries finds that 65 percent think global warming is a very serious problem, while 25 percent call it somewhat serious. Clearly global citizenry is more in touch with climate science and ecological change than their leaders. It is unconscionable that world governments are failing to lead.

Not only should the U.S. be condemned (though they and Australia are the worst offenders); but the response from Canada, Europe, Japan, China and India has also been tepid and irresponsible.

The possibility of a bottom up climate revolution should not be discarded given this significant level of concern - particularly as the crisis continues to turn deadly. Now it remains to be seen what those expressing concern
would be willing to forgo to address the climate crisis.

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