Sunday, May 14

your human life purpose

About a year ago I came across the second book by Robert A. Monroe - Far Journeys.

It is an account of his out-of-body journeys over several decades, and the experience of others he has worked with in the research institute setup for the purpose of studying these astral travel phenomena.

A few days ago I re-read one particular piece of wisdom which he recounts thus:

The major underlying cause of human worry relates to the Law of Change. All human conflict relates to this law. Some worry that change will take place, others that it will not. Wars are fought to resist change or to accelerate it. At the individual level, this translates into various forms of indecision. Fear enters into the pattern, fear of the consequences of any decision or action . . . . . . To move away from the null point of indecision, take the position that any action or decision is better than none at all... To get the process underway without trauma, perform the following:
  • Make up an A list. Place on this list all of your worries, anxieties, and concerns about which you can do absolutely nothing. You cannot do anything about tomorrow's weather conditions...

  • Make up a B list. Place on this list all of your worries, anxieties, and concerns about which you can do something today, things you can respond to with action, large or small.

  • Make up a C list. Place on this list all of your needs, hopes, and desires, large or small, which have yet to be fulfilled.

Today perform the following functions:
  1. Take the A list and destroy it, and in doing so, dismiss all items contained therein from your consciousness.

  2. Take the B list and take some action, however large or small, to begin the resolution of each item contained therein. Several may be concluded immediately and thus can be released and dismissed from your consciousness. Others will be reduced in pressure because the flow has begun, a decision has been made.

  3. Take at least one item on the C list and perform one act, large or small, that moves you in the direction of such goal.

    Perform this entire process each day until you have no A list, no B list and all of your energy and consciousness are devoted to items on your C list.

    You will then complete serenely your human life purpose.
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On my C list this week was the desire to complete a round Waiheke kayak journey. With Kim only 10 weeks away from her due date I figured it was now or... so I am off tomorrow. I have allowed four nights of camping on the beaches to complete it.

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Anonymous said...

Great article!

I have found it very helpful to physically destroy lists to "release them from my consciousness"...touche!

It's also neat he asks us to seperate out the circle of concern and the circle of influence. They should teach that stuff at schools!

In fact, I'll make sure my kids know those things :-)

Regarding change, one of my personal mottos is: "Make change your friend" - easier said than done, haha!