Thursday, May 4

the working day gets longer

God Bless America

It's great how they are telling us that we are better off.
I really must believe it as I know they wouldn't lie.
And who am I to disbelieve and who am I to scoff?
Though the working day gets longer and the pile of bills more high.

It's really, really wonderful how big cars buy you love.
I certainly believe this as I saw it on TV.
So I went to get a humvee with a girl a girl draped on the bonnet
But the man in the humvee shop said, "There's no guarantee."

It's really, really great how all of us are in the pink.
My wife just had a heart attack, there isn't time to pee
And I'm feeling rather nauseous and don't know what to think.
But that's OK. They've got my soul so they can think for me.

It's really, really wonderful. It's really, really great.
I'm living out my dream. Oh boy, I'm just the luckiest guy.
My wife is dead. My kids are doing drugs. I've put on weight.
So let me yell once more, "God bless America!" and die.

Michael Burton
2nd May 2006

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