Thursday, May 4

who writes this stuff

When Kim read out the headline below I stopped - so it's THE pandemic now, it's no longer "a possible pandemic." It's sad to read this stuff, because it shouts of treason and greed, domination and control.

The shining light in all of it has to be from visionary's like
Elisabet Sahtouris. Click here to download and listen to her evolutionary biology perspective on our present moment in history.

Here's some clips from the article in the Times:

Inside The White House Plan for the Pandemic
By MIKE ALLEN/WASHINGTON Posted Wednesday, May. 03, 2006

Don’t count on just vaccines, or only the feds. A White House report establishing a national response to a global disease outbreak, including bird flu, warns that state and local law enforcement may have to enforce isolation or even quarantine procedures in certain cases to try to contain the pandemic.

Such measures, which would be undertaken with the help of the National Guard, illustrates the profound potential consequences of a severe flu pandemic, which could require medical care for a substantial percentage of the world’s population, close schools and businesses and disrupt government services when they are needed most.
"Our efforts require the participation of, and coordination by, all levels of government and segments of society," President George W. Bush writes in a letter at the start of the report, adding that the nation has already "taken a series of historic steps to address the pandemic threat."

The red, white and blue, 227-page report is partly a plan for other plans, encouraging businesses and state and local governments to prepare for a flu pandemic just as they would for a terrorist attack or natural disaster, and not rely on the federal government to do everything. Amid increasing reports of bird flu in Asia . . . [see actual figures below]
The report, aiming for a tone that is realistic but not alarmist [wow, I would hate to read their alarmist version] . . .

Administration officials, backed by experts, have decided against sealing borders with Canada and Mexico in the event of an outbreak. The report says that "would likely delay but not stop the spread of influenza to the United States, and would have significant negative social, economic and foreign policy consequences." . . . . Still, for all its detail, the report is a reminder that the nation, as Bush is fond of saying in the context of terrorism, "safer, but not yet safe."

27 April 2006

Total number of cases includes number of deaths.
WHO reports only laboratory-confirmed cases.

For another view on bird flu and how to read between the lines of the press follow the links from this post.

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