Sunday, May 28

two solutions films

The Power of Community
On the Transition Culture blog was an announcement about a new and uplifting film: The Power of Community, which explores what happened to Cuba when their oil supply disappeared, almost overnight, with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989. Read more about The Power of Community here:

Transition Culture blog
The Community Solution

Fuelling the Future
Last year there was a two day conference held in Kinsale (County Cork, Ireland) who produced the Energy Descent Plan.

The conference addressed not only the issue of peak oil but also a range of solutions to it, from natural building and local food production to renewable energy and local economics. The weekend was a huge success and has done much to promote discussion around the issue of peak oil in Ireland.

Speakers included Richard Heinberg, Colin Campbell, David Holmgren and Richard Douthwaite. Fuelling the Future has just released a 2-disc DVD set of the conference featuring all the main speakers.
Read more about
Fuelling the Future here:

Energy Bulletin - a great resource in itself
Association for the study of Peak Oil and Gas - Ireland

I am ordering copies of both of these films and look forward to a couple of nights of viewing at the Waiheke Community Cinema.

You will also find some more solutions films here.

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